What we do

We help your business grow by simplifying the IT resources you need and scaling up those you already have assuring the most efficient solution is in place while supporting you 24/7.

Our certified and experienced team, along with our 24/7 control room across three different locations, makes us, Infonet Solutions, a Managed Service Provider trusted by many businesses of any kind and size around the world. We specialize in the design, delivery, management, and support of data networks, data management systems, and cloud services embracing any sort of technology.

Data Networks

Data Management

Cloud & Virtualization


We like to keep things simple and our goal is you getting the right solution for your business!

So, we come to you to get the feeling of your real needs, have a chat with you and your team, and collect as much information as possible about the current situation and future goals. Our network engineers will then draft a few solutions so you can evaluate and choose the one that best fits.

The development and support teams will then make sure your services are up and running in no time and without any disruption to your business and, most importantly, with a support team available 24/7 that proactively monitors your infrastructure so you can have extra peace of mind.

Collect Information

Design Solutions

Agree & Proceed

Develop & Deploy

Support 24/7

We collect all the information we need to fully understand your needs and the actual status of your infrastructure.

Our technical committee analyzes the data and drafts a few solutions so you can choose the one that best fits.

As soon as the “technical project” is approved by both parties, we move towards the next stage: the delivery.

The delivery team completes the installation, configuration, and testing of the new/changed solution.

We won’t leave you there, don’t worry! Our 24/7 Control Room is always there to support and monitor your infrastructure.

Wait! It is not all about providing a service and moving on, right?

In fact, we are dedicated to continually improve our services and that means your ones too! So, we go the extra mile constantly reviewing the solutions in place and keeping you informed of any opportunity to improve efficiency or scale-up while your business grows.

This is made possible by following a proven project management methodology and a simple, yet effective, project life-cycle that ensures continual service improvement.


Multiple Locations

Our physical presence is spread over three main geographical areas: Europe, Asia-Pacific, and America. This allows us to be closer to our clients and to continuously support them from a similar time-zone. It also enables us to host backups in our own datacenters whilst still in different locations.

24/7 Our Support

Our 24/7 support team is never outsourced to other providers giving our clients the confidence of always be dealing with Infonet Solutions. This not only increases the mutual confidence between you and the support team, but it also protect your privacy and your information.

Many Languages

Our multicultural team of over 60 people between the Italian headquarters and our two branches that put together their own cultures and languages, offers you the best customer service experience ever providing you with the quickest outcome possible.

At Infonet Solutions we work hard to get certified by and partner with all tech vendors out there so we can offer you all the knowledge and top-level support whenever you need it. Our 25 years of experience in the big and fast-forwarding ICT industry with a vast portfolio of worldwide-spread clients using the most disparate and innovative technologies completes our profile and that is why our clients choose to work with us!

We have the knowledge and the experience!