Design and Delivery

Helping customers achieving their objectives and planning an effective response to any upcoming need is the starting point and the pivot of the consultancy process of Infonet Solutions.

The design of a new solution by Infonet is led by a technical committee which offers a 360-degree service, from an analysis of the infrastructure to its maintenance and support.

The first step is the analysis of the current situation; here the committee examines the status quo and the structure of the customer's company, with a focus on their needs, strategies, and margins of development based on their targets.

The requirement definition phase outlines the type of applications to be implemented and so the resources and tools needed to ensure maximum reliability and top performances of the business services.

A team of highly skilled and experienced engineers picks up from here and proposes a custom-tailored infrastructure based on a thorough technical analysis of the requirements and partner's needs.

The most suitable solutions are then compared based on RTO (Recovery Time Object) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and the selected ones are elaborated and presented to the customer.

Infonet assists customers helping them choosing the most congenial solution for the business.

Once the right solution is chosen, great attention is placed in the delivery phase.

This step is supported by a consolidated project management methodology which guarantees the achievement of the pre-established objectives in compliance with the budget and planned deadlines.
The planning of the activities, their coordination and the constant monitoring of their progress, make it possible to counteract the critical issues, limit and manage the risks, identify any deviations, activate corrective actions and provide a status report to the customer at any given time.