Infonet Solutions is structured and specialized for the provision of ICT infrastructure management services for any type of customer.
Some of the available managed services are listed below while many other types of service can be studied and tailored according to the needs of each customer.

Infrastructures and Enabling Architectures: these are the set of elements compounding the DataCenter. These are the electric lines, cooling systems, physical security and all that defines the physical reception of the systems inside the DataCenter.

Data Transmission Networks: being both wired and wireless, the different levels of service on the data transmission network are divided between the internal LAN to a DataCenter and the WAN connection between the customer and the DataCenter or the Internet.

Data Management Systems: this includes data storage and backup solutions with services such as indexing and archiving as well as local or remote data backup and disaster recovery.

Infrastructure, Application, and Database monitoring: the applications running in the Data Center can be maintained both by the customer and/or by Infonet Solutions. We can monitor the correct functioning according to the indications and methods that will be provided by the customer.

Network and Data Security: thanks to the available technologies we can perform different security tests such as penetration test, vulnerability assessment, security lifecycle review and so on. These tests produce a report based on which Infonet's experts will advise on how to improve network and data security.

Service Desk: this is the flagship of Infonet Solutions. A team of 40 staff members between network engineers and architects works 24/7 from a control room spread across different geographic areas, to provide highly specialized monitoring and support services to our customers.