Our MISSION is to help businesses by making I.T. simple

This is achieved by analyzing your business’ I.T. needs and suggesting the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Our team of experts invests a large amount of time researching, studying, and testing all new and updated technologies, so you don’t have to. This, combined with our decades of experience over many successful projects, allows us to confidently guide you in choosing what’s best for your business.

So, stop wasting your resources behind I.T. and concentrate on what you do best: your business!

Our VISION is to become a point of reference for any business in need of I.T. services

We believe everyone needs a point of reference to be lead to what he wants to achieve and businesses need the right support to achieve their goals.



Infonet Solutions comes from more than 25 years of experience in the ICT field, starting its success in the early 90s. Born as a small local cable laying and structured cabling company, Infonet has evolved over the years to the point of providing top-level IT services.

The strength behind this unstoppable growth and our success resides in Infonet founders, which in fact are still the beating heart of the company, as well as the brain behind its constant evolution and willingness to expand its horizons.

Looking at New Zealand exponential growth and constant need for fresh new ideas, Infonet has decided to bring over all of its knowledge and experience and share it with all of the businesses looking at growing with the right partner.