Free Security Lifecycle Review from Infonet Solutions & Paloalto Networks


Palo Alto Networks Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) is an essential tool in helping our customers to understand their current cybersecurity position.

The audit will clearly highlight where there are potential risks on the network that could affect the security of your business.


Attacks can happen but vulnerabilities stay...are you sure not to have any?

When network security gets compromised, businesses lose their precious time looking for answers to questions like...what happened? why? have we lost sensitive data? will that happen again?

Unfortunately, when they'll find the answers it will surely be too late!

We have already seen a few businesses issued with big fines from public-related and government-based companies due to a violation of sensitive data and for SMBs this can be a fatal factor. Based on statistics, over 60% of those businesses that lose any sensitive data risk to shut down within 6 months!

Don't you lose time, money or your business! Have a look inside your network to see what's really happening with your data, and learn what can be done to protect them and your business!


> You contact us to arrange a review
> We send you an NDA so that you are confident of the protection of your data
> We arrange for an engineer to come and install a reporting device
> Our engineer collects the device a few days later
> We build a report
> We come and discuss the report with you and leave you a copy
> If you want us to, we discuss options for remediation
> You get knowledge about the security of your system and have the information on how to fix it


> Which apps are utilized within the network and which risks they expose the network to
> Known, unknown, and unauthorized apps
> Specific details on how hackers try to breach your security measures
> Comparison with data extracted from companies like yours
> Important areas on which to concentrate to minimize vulnerabilities

What are you waiting for?

We are offering FREE no obligation audits to Companies who want to understand any likely vulnerabilities in their network!


Not convinced?

Have a look at a sample report and see with your own eyes what you can expect!